care instructions for oilcloth AND table protector

The following care instructions apply to all of our wipe clean tablecloths and table protectors:


  • To remove creases use an iron on a very low heat setting on the reverse (non printed side)


  • Wipe clean food and beverages as soon as possible (ie do not leave food or drinks on the tablecloth over night wipe them up after dinner.)


  • Wipe clean red wine, tomato based food/sauce, beetroot and curry type foods immediately to prevent stains


  • Use only water to wipe clean, do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners.


  • Use only a soft dish cloth do not use a scourer or abrasive cloth, 
  • Do not place hot plates, pans or dishes directly on the surface of the tablecloth as it can damage the surface.


  • Do not machine wash



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