There are two main different types of wipe clean tablecloth

Vinyl Oilcloth - This is the most popular wipe clean tablecloth available, its made from a vinyl with a white synthetic polyester backing. We stock hundreds of designs in this type of wipe clean tablecloth because of the simple manufacturing process the number of designs available increases everyday.


Cotton PVC Oilcloth - This is the more traditional type of wipe clean table cloth, its normally manufactured as a woven cotton fabric and then taken to another factory to be coated with a glossy PVC finish, because of the two step manufacturing process the cost is more than vinyl oilcloth and the number of designs are limited to the woven cotton fabric that is available from fabric manufacturers. The advantage to cotton oilcloth is its thickness and longjevity but the main downside is this cost, it will normally be double the price of vinyl oilcloth. It can often be slightly narrower than vinyl oilcloth, its not ununsual  for cotton PVC oilcloth to be only 130cm wide.


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