Bespoke Clear PVC Table Protector Made to Measure – 1.5mm Thick


Maintain your table’s pristine condition without obscuring its style with our custom-crafted Clear PVC Table Protector. At a subtle yet effective 1.5mm thickness, this protector serves as an invisible barrier for your dining and work surfaces. Suitable for every table variety—from classic wooden to contemporary glass designs—our protector is cut to any shape and size, providing a perfect fit for your unique requirements.

More than a mere protective layer, our clear tablecloth is a measure of preservation, safeguarding your surfaces from the spills and splatters of daily life. Whether it’s accidental food and drink spillages or other liquid accidents, our protector ensures your table remains unscathed, spotless, and perpetually ready for your next gathering. The PVC’s clear quality allows the beauty of your table to shine through, making it the ideal solution for those seeking to protect their furniture without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

Engineered for longevity, easy care, and discreet use in any environment, the clear table protector is a sensible addition to any home, office, or dining space. It cleans in a moment just a simple wipe is all it takes to remove spills or marks, helping your table to remain in immaculate condition over the years.

Opt for our Clear PVC Table Protector and indulge in the perfect combination of invisible safeguarding and unspoiled elegance for your treasured tabletops.


It is also important to note that using this product on specific table surfaces may result in the formation of air bubbles beneath it, which some customers may find undesirable. These air bubbles are more conspicuous on glass, gloss and lighter-coloured tables. To prevent potential air bubble concerns, we suggest considering our alternative product options such as our frosted matt variation.


Due to the nature of this item all sizes can vary plus or minus one to two percent. Clear PVC can contract and expand +/- one to two percent. This is a natural characteristic of the product.

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