Tablecloth buyers guide

Before you purchase a new tablecloth you need to measure your table. This may seem very obvious but when you are faced with a huge range of sizes and shapes, either online or instore it can quickly become very confusing.

If you try and guess the size you need you could make a costly mistake if the tablecloth doesn’t fit your table when you get home. It could be either too small and it will not fit the table at all or too large with too much overhanging.

Measure the length and width of the table and write the sizes down. This will avoid numbers getting mixed up or forgotten when you find the tablecloth you want to purchase at a later date.

You need to allow extra when measuring the table to allow for an overhang ( usually 15 - 25 cm on each side). Do not leave too much overhanging, especially if there are young children about. They may be tempted to pull the tablecloth off, together with anything that may have been on the table. If you are also planning to buy table protector to give added protection for your table you only need to buy enough to cover the top of the table. Do not allow for an overhang for the table protector.

Tablecloths are usually available in a standard range of sizes and you may have to buy the nearest size to the one you require that is available. This is not a problem with a wipe clean tablecloth, they can easily be cut to size or shape if necessary. They do not fray so there is no need to hem them.

If you purchase a wipe clean tablecloth previously known as oilcloth it will save lots of money in the weeks and months ahead. You will not have to wash and iron the tablecloth every time something is spilt. This is obviously better for the environment saving water, wash powder and electricity. You can just wipe it clean and it will be ready for next time.

If you want to add extra protection to your table surface you can put table protector underneath your wipe clean tablecloth. This will protect your table against accidental knocks and marks and will greatly extend the life of your table. You will find the table protector does what the name suggests and will keep your table looking new for longer.

If the table protector and wipe clean tablecloth are used together you don’t have to limit the use of the table just to mealtimes. You can let your children ( of all ages) play or work on the table without constantly worrying about the damage they may do to the surface.


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