Chalkboard Bistro Menu Graphite Grey Oilcloth Tablecloth by Clarke and Clarke

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Chalkboard bisto menu design Oilcloth fabric. It is 100% cotton coated with a hard wearing wipe clean plastic, this oilcloth fabric as PVC tablecloth can be used as a wipe clean tablecloth and because it does not fray can easily be cut to shape. Available in a standard width of approx 132cm and in any continuous length up to 20 metres.

  • Protect your table and work surfaces from accidental food and drinks spills as well as scratches, paints and general wear and tear.
  • Although we offer a range of sizes it does not fray so if necessary it’s easy to cut to size and the edges do not need to be hemmed.
  • Ideal for using on your kitchen, dining room or garden table as well as many craft applications 


Width: 132cm

Colour: black

Thickness :

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