Taupe Polka Dot Wider Width PVC Vinyl Oilcloth Tablecloth 160cm wide

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Taupe Polka Dot vinyl tablecloth with a textile backing and wipe clean plastic surface. This is also known as PVC tablecloth can be used as a wipe clean tablecloth. It does not fray and can easily be cut to shape. Available in a wider width of approx 160cm.

  • Oilcloth made from Vinyl fabric with a textile backing and coated with clear plastic that can be wiped clean.
  • Protect your table and work surfaces from accidental food and drinks spills as well as scratches, paints and general wear and tear.
  • Although we offer a range of sizes it does not fray so if necessary it’s easy to cut to size and the edges do not need to be hemmed.
  • Ideal for using on your kitchen, dining room or garden table as well as many other domestic and commercial applications including cafes, schools, children’s nurseries and even when caravanning and camping.


Please note that due to the width of this item. The rolled delivery option will have one or two fold lines as it is too long to send rolled full width


Width: 160cm

Colour: taupe

Thickness :

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