Thick Clear Table Protector 120cm - All Lengths available

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Crystal clear thick clear table protector. It does not fray and can easily be cut to shape.

Available in a standard width of approx 100cm and available in any continuous length from 50cm all the way up to 10 metres.

  • Due to the nature of this item all sizes can vary plus or minus one to two percent. Clear PVC can contract and expand +/- one to two percent. This is a natural characteristic of the product.

    • Water Resistant : Protect your table from spills of food or drinks
    • Transparent : allowing you to still see your table. The thick clear is best suited to tables with flat, smooth surfaces. If your table has decorative grooves or any textured areas, we advise exploring alternative products within the same range.
    • Protects : your table is protected from knocks, bangs and scratches
    • Rolled : Arrives rolled and can easily be rolled for storage
    • Thick : 1.5mm thickness is ten times thicker than our standard clear tablecloth

    It is also important to note that using this product on specific table surfaces may result in the formation of air bubbles beneath it, which some customers may find undesirable. These air bubbles are more conspicuous on glass, gloss and lighter-coloured tables. To prevent potential air bubble concerns, we suggest considering our alternative product options such as our frosted matt variation.


Width: 120cm

Colour: Clear Transparent

Thickness : 1.5mm

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